Dave Alred MBE PhD is widely acknowledged as one of the best coaches operating on the planet today. His accolades and achievements range from nurturing World Cup winner Jonny Wilkinson into rugby's most feared kicker to supporting Luke Donald achieve the position of world number one golfer.

A genuine pioneer in performance psychology, Dave is uncompromising and unequivocal in his pursuit of continual improvement, revolutionising the performance abilities of sports & business people alike. Over thirty years of hard won experience has helped Dave create world beaters.

If you have the desire and commitment to become the best in your field contact Dave to see how can help you achieve your ambition. Contact Dave.

  • much confidence it gave me to know that I had the best kicking coach in the world working with me.

    Jonny Wilkinson,
    England and British Lions Jonny Wilkinson
  • I am very excited about working with him...the work we did was fantastic...

    Padraig Harrington
    Three time major winner Padraig Harrington
  • Dave Alred is a great coach. One of the best I have worked with in every area.

    Clive Woodward OBE
    British Olympic Association's
    Director of Elite Performance
    Clive Woodward
  • much confidence it gave me to know that I had the best kicking coach in the world working with me.

    Jonny Wilkinson,
    England and British Lions Jonny Wilkinson


Dave believes in transference of learning; surgeons, skateboarders, rugby players, pilots, golfers, dolphin trainers. Dave has left no stone unturned developing his coaching techniques and philosophy, an approach that continues to help people re-define what they are capable of achieving.

It shouldn't surprise you to learn that Dave doesn't do 'talks'. Neither does he do 'off the shelf'. Every engagement Dave accepts involves him learning about your needs, engaging with your brand and devising an approach unique to you and your people. Help your organisation by commissioning the most transformational coaching presentation you will ever encounter. This is one stone you cannot afford to leave unturned. Contact Dave.

  • Dave Alred was indeed awesome. I have to say it is very rare that I rave about any guest speaker; however this was truly sensational.

    Patti Heaven
    Axa Sun Life
  • Dave was both informative and entertaining. I have heard a lot of sport to business presentations but this was the best and most relevant.

    Keith Allen
    ALD Automotive
  • Dave Alred's lecture was quite the finest I have ever heard. The concepts were simple; the message awe-inspiring; and all delivered with a delightful sense of humour

    Neil Selwyn-Smith
    Captain Elect PGA
  • He certainly left a lasting impression with my team and changed their mindset in a practical way. Very inspirational and motivating to all who attended the seminar

    Tim Abbott
    MD BMW UK ltd


A set of coaching programs designed to enable performers, individuals and or teams of any level to improve their performance under pressure. Derived from managing the physical impact of pressure on performance. This applies to both sport and business.Used by PGA Golfers.

A unique form of assessment and monitoring of performance, in both sport and business. Used in both sports and business and part of the no limits performance and management programs.

Applicable to all sports that includes any striking or contact; e.g. golf, soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball, baseball, judo and Australian rules. It is coaching program that is based on the creation of kinesthetic maps

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No limits, MANAGEMENT and PERFORMANCE are programs to support improvements in business and sports.

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